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Using RosterBot for Any Activity

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Whether you’re ripping around a track in a go-kart with your buddies or joining people¬†from around the globe to kill terrorists online in Call of Duty you can organize your team with RosterBot. RosterBot is totally customizable for any team, no matter what game you play, no matter how big or small your team is, […]


‘Chirp’ With Your Teammates On RosterBot Chat

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Muhammad Ali wasn’t just The Greatest in the ring; he was the original trash-talker. Long before infamous motor-mouths¬†like Gary Payton, Richard Sherman or Sean Avery were getting under their opponent’s skin, Ali was getting inside the head of his opponents with some of the best lines ever recorded. Now we don’t necessarily recommend you rip […]


Sign Up For RosterBot: Video Tutorial

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Is managing your sports team driving you insane? There’s an easier way! RosterBot handles inviting and reminding your teammates of when you play, shows who’s playing and where the next game is. You can also keep in contact with the rest of your teammates or run your child’s team through the program. And it’s FREE! […]


RosterBot’s iPhone App Tutorial

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RosterBot iPhone App Tutorial shows why the app is an essential companion for athletes. With the App you can keep track of your team from your phone anywhere. Contact your team Check-in for your next game Glance through your schedule Add new games or add new players Create your profile picture Set positions Handle multiple […]


How to Sync My Calendar with RosterBot

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Keep up-to-date with your team’s schedule on your computer’s calendar by subscribing to your team’s schedule through RosterBot. Even if you don’t subscribe to your team’s calendar, RosterBot will still be letting you know when your games are. But since many people are lost without their calendars on the computer and phone, lets make sure […]