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Using the Position Assistant for your CoEd Team

By: ON April 8, 2014 TAGGED

RosterBot’s Position Assistant is a rather powerful feature that can be used for many different purposes.  As our earlier tutorial explained, you can create positions on the team that you need for each game and enforce maximums and minimums to fill your team automatically. What may not be readily obvious is that the Position Assistant […]


Subscribe to Your Team Calendar

By: ON November 27, 2012 TAGGED

× Update: Syncing your calendar to RosterBot is even easier now.. you just need to click the Calendar Subscribe button in the top right corner of your team’s events page, et voila! The instructions for manually subscribing to calendars will stay here anyway, for context. One of the great features of RosterBot from the very […]


Managing Positions on a Team

By: ON November 21, 2012 TAGGED

RosterBot now has an exceptionally powerful feature which allows team managers to define positions, assign those positions to players, and manage RSVPs on a per-position basis.  Not only is this feature really cool and totally unique, but it’s very open-ended. If you manage a hockey team (we promise not to use hockey as an example […]


How RosterBot Works

By: ON June 27, 2012 TAGGED

RosterBot’s primary purpose in life is to make sure that you never miss an event with your team, and that you always have enough participants to carry out the event, game, practice.. whatever.  When we created the original RosterBot we were astounded at the different types of purposes to which our awesome and creative users […]


Dealing with Spare Players

By: ON June 7, 2012 TAGGED

If you’re like us, you’ve got a large stockpile of deputies, ready to step in and help your team when your regular players can’t make it out to games.  For RosterBot we created a feature that lets you manage this completely automatically.. letting Spare Players automatically fill spots left vacant by players who are Full-Time […]