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Invite Your Friends to RosterBot

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Do you like getting free stuff?   Do you like RosterBot? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you are perfect match for RosterBot’s new referral program! How it works You invite your friends to RosterBot with a personal referral code and for every one of your buddies who creates a team, […]


How to get your teammates on RosterBot

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Getting everyone on your team on to RosterBot is the most essential part of getting your team’s management streamlined with RosterBot so we want to give you some tips getting your entire team on-board. Head to the Players Tab Once you’re signed into RosterBot, hover over the black bar on the left and select ‘Players’. […]


How to: Check-In For Events

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It’s the most important question any manager or coach needs to know before a game: Who’s going to be there. This is the problem that RosterBot initially setout to solve when we started up back in 2008. There are several ways to let you manager know when you will be there, and just as importantly, […]


How to Pay Team Fees Online with RosterBot

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With RosterBot you no longer have to worry about remembering to bring your chequebook to your game, or taking out hundreds of dollars to pay your manager. Let’s go over how to pay team fees online with RosterBot. Register an account with PayPal RosterBot uses PayPal to handle all of your financial matters, so before you can use […]


How To Use Team Finances as a RosterBot Manager

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Collecting money from your teammates is one of the hardest and least fun things to do as a manager. RosterBot has created a team finances system which allows team members to pay their fees online and also holds them accountable to each other. Lets go learn how to setup Team Finances as a RosterBot Manager. Register an […]