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How to create an Open Event with RosterBot

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So you and a couple of your friends are sitting at the park on a beautiful sunny day and want to get a game going, but one problem: You don’t have enough players to get started. With RosterBot’s Open Events feature you create the game and RosterBot will help find the players and in no […]


How To Use RosterBot to Organize Any Event

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One of the cool things about RosterBot is that it can be used organize any event, not just sporting events. We have users organizing everything from BBQ’s to poker games to on-line gaming tournaments. Let’s see how to organize your event with RosterBot. 1. Create a Roster If you haven’t already created a RosterBot account, it’s […]


How to use the Spare Assistant

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Not having enough players to field a team can be a huge, and sometimes expensive problem. Without a full team, not only does it ruin your game, but usually the game for your opponents, and some leagues will charge pricey fines for not having a complete roster. When this happens managers are often left frantically working […]


How to Input Your Team Schedule

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Getting your team to the game on time is the most important part of getting your game played on time, and can also be the most time-consuming process of being a manager. With RosterBot, this process is put on what we like to call Autopilot.  Let’s get going on how to Input your Team Schedule.   […]


Using The Position Assistant for Backup Goalies

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It takes a special breed of person to become a goaltender in any sport. Willingly getting hit with flying objects isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but as everyone knows, you need a goalie for the game to be played. So when your goalie says they’re going on vacation it creates a tough problem to solve. You […]