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RosterBot for Baseball

It's tough to beat a night at the ballpark in the middle of summer - the crack of the bat, the smell of the fresh cut grass, the delicious, delicious sunflower seeds. It's practically impossible to have a bad time at the diamond, that is unless...

RosterBot’s Schedule Importer

RosterBot's Schedule Importer is an extremely powerful tool for your team, but also your league. How does it work? The Importer allows you to skip the step of inputting each game into the program, as RosterBot can set each game on your schedule, telling you (and your team) where, when and who you are playing...

Using RosterBot for Any Activity

Whether you're ripping around a track in a go-kart with your buddies or joining people from around the globe to kill terrorists online in Call of Duty you can organize your team with RosterBot. RosterBot is totally customizable for any team, no matter what game you play,...

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‘Chirp’ With Your Teammates On RosterBot Chat

Muhammad Ali wasn't just The Greatest in the ring; he was the original trash-talker. Long before infamous motor-mouths like Gary Payton, Richard Sherman or Sean Avery were getting under their opponent's skin, Ali was getting inside the head of his opponents with some of the best...