User Agreement - RosterBot
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User Agreement

If you’re like us, you hate lawyers and you like to make decisions based on understanding what you read. We thought that rather than paying a bunch of legal eagles to confuse you we’d keep things simple.

Therefore, on the heels of our 2007 Best-Seller, “The RosterBot No BS Privacy Policy” we have created our often imitated but never duplicated “RosterBot No BS User Agreement”.


You understand that RosterBot is intended for your convenience and enjoyment and is not an essential service. RosterBot does not warrant that our service will be available without interruption.

While we will endeavour to make sure that RosterBot always works as it’s supposed to, you won’t hold us responsible for your team losing the playoffs, your failed marriage, the Toronto Maple Leafs, or anything bad which might happen as a direct or indirect result of your use of RosterBot.

You agree to use RosterBot for your sports teams or teams of any sort. You will not use it to send spam, to harass others, or for any illegal activities, and you acknowledge that if someone else complains about your abuse of RosterBot we may choose, based on the merit of that complaint, to delete your accounts and all information associated with your team.

We have the right to restrict or withdraw your access to RosterBot whenever we like, but you know that because we’re nice guys we probably won’t do that unless you’re a very very bad person.

You agree not to upload copyrighted material, such as images, to which you have no legal rights to RosterBot and you accept that if we find them, we may have to delete them without any warning.

You agree not to attempt to circumvent RosterBot’s highly-complicated password controls and/or steal the passwords or information of other users .

You agree to send your mom flowers on Mother’s Day.

You agree not to use RosterBot to promote any form of illegal activity.

RosterBot agrees to protect your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

RosterBot does not directly endorse any links which lead from our site to those of others, so please don’t blame us for things that happen to you when you visit other sites which you surf to from RosterBot.

RosterBot might have to change this policy from time-to-time, however we will always link to it from our home page and provide the date of its last revision.

This Policy was last revised on December 18, 2007.