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RosterBot’s New Team Dashboard

RosterBot's New Team Dashboard is here with improved layout, load times along with Post-Event Reports with Scores, 3 Star selection and Game Recap!...

Live Game Updates with Chirp

Broadcast Live Game Updates with Chirp to everyone who can't make your game. Send live updates as the action is happening for anyone who can't attend you game....

rosterbot_app1200x627_soccer (2)
RosterBot for Soccer

RosterBot for Soccer - Find out how managers and coaches can organize a soccer team online and app with RosterBot for Soccer. ...

Jerseys Hanging
RosterBot for Hockey

RosterBot for Hockey - Learn how to use RosterBot for Hockey and take the headaches out of organizing your hockey team. ...

Mobile Payments – RosterBot

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how Mobile Payments RosterBot functions for the RosterBot app. You can now pay your team fees through the RosterBot app. ...

Parents Using RosterBot

Parents using RosterBot have the ability to organize not only their own teams but also any teams which their children are on too, all in one account. ...