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By using the RosterBot service or website, you agree to be bound by, and to follow, the RosterBot User Agreement (also known as the User Agreement) and any future modifications of this agreement. If you can’t or won’t agree with all of what you see in this agreement, we kindly ask that you leave our website and cease to use the RosterBot services.

Thanks!RosterBot agrees to protect your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


You understand that RosterBot is intended for your convenience and enjoyment and is not an essential service. RosterBot does not warrant that our service will be available without interruption.

While we will endeavour to make sure that RosterBot always works as it’s supposed to, you won’t hold us responsible for anything bad which might happen as a direct or indirect result of your use of RosterBot.

We know kids play sports, but sadly Rosterbot is not meant to be used by kids. If you are 13 years old or under you should not use our website or services. Please do not create an account, submit any personal information, or otherwise use Rosterbot in any way, shape, or form.

Parents, although your are not intended to use Rosterbot, we encourage you to create accounts on your children’s behalf.

You agree to use RosterBot for your sports teams or teams of any sort. You will not use it to send spam, to harass others, or for any illegal activities, and you acknowledge that if someone else complains about your abuse of RosterBot we may choose, based on the merit of that complaint, to delete your accounts and all information associated with your team.

In other words, you agree to use Rosterbot only for its intended purpose. That is, to only use RosterBot to organize, enumerate, and converse regarding sports, sports teams, and community events. If you are using RosterBot for something other than team organization, you’re doing it wrong and we’ll have to delete your account.

We have the right to restrict or withdraw your access to RosterBot.

You agree not to upload copyrighted or trademarked material, such as images, to Rosterbot which you have no legal rights to and you accept that if we find them,  we may have to delete them without any warning.

You also agree that all images, graphics, pictures, text, design, and everything else on the RosterBot website is the copyright of RosterBot and that you won’t infringe those copyrights.

In other words, don’t use our stuff for non-Rosterbot purposes.

Just to be thorough, “RosterBot,” “,” our logos, and everything else that can be trademarked on our website is our trademark. That means you can’t use, copy, or imitate our trademarked stuff without our permission. If you want to use our trademarked materials, please ask. You’ll are only allowed to use our trademarked materials if you get our written permission.

You agree not to attempt to circumvent RosterBot’s highly-complicated password controls and/or steal the passwords or information of other users .

You agree not to use RosterBot to promote any form of illegal activity.


RosterBot does not directly endorse any links which lead from our site to those of others, so please don’t blame us for things that happen to you when you visit other sites which you surf to from RosterBot.

RosterBot also does not endorse any products, teams, brands, foods, drinks, politicians, websites or anything else.

If you see us talking about something or someone, it’s as simple as that – we’re just talking. You’ll know we are endorsing something if and only if we say “this is an endorsement.”



RosterBot might have to change this policy from time-to-time, however we will always link to it from our home page and provide the date of its last revision.

Remember, you are bound by any future changes, even if you don’t read them. You really should read them though.


You, and you alone, are solely (i.e. 100%) responsible for your actions and activities on RosterBot.

Please do not upload or submit any weird content – there is enough disturbing stuff on the internet as it is! Should someone else use your account (which isn’t recommended, by the way), you are also responsible for anything they do on RosterBot.

Should you do anything bad on RosterBot that requires lawyers to resolve, you agree to indemnify RosterBot and its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, servants, serfs, peons, grunts, and our pet hamster, against any and all third party claims, actions, demands, suits and all related losses, liabilities, damages, penalties, costs, and expenses (including, but not limited to, legal fees and costs).

In other words, if you do anything bad on RosterBot that ends up costing us money, we’re going to make you pay us back.

RosterBot makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding our website and services. We endeavor to keep the website up and running at all times, but things can go wrong. If the website goes down, a bug affects our service, there is a typo or inaccurate information, there is an error, or if somehow our website has a virus or malware that affects you, we assume no liability or responsibility for any loss or injury you suffer.

Also, RosterBot does not guarantee the accuracy of any information posted on RosterBot by us or by our users. We’re only human, we might make a mistake. If you are harmed in anyway by inaccurate information, we assume no responsibility or liability for your loss or injury and you agree to release us from any liability for such a loss, harm, or injury. That being said, if you see something wrong on RosterBot, please let us know.


By using Rosterbot you agree to never hold Rosterbot liable for any damages, costs, harm, injury, or anything else whatsoever, whether it be in contract, tort (including negligence), equity, or any other area of law. In other words, by using RosterBot you agree to never sue us for anything no matter what happens as a result of using, or the inability to use, our website or services.


Rosterbot is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Therefore, this User Agreement, and the Privacy Policy, shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of British Columbia. Should you commence legal or equitable proceedings against Rosterbot, you agree to file the proceeding in Vancouver, British Columbia, and further agree and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of British Columbia.


The list of prohibited activities, actions, and behaviours is not a complete list. There are lots of other bad things you could do that will result in the deletion of your account (or worse), so use your common sense. Although RosterBot is under no obligation to investigate breaches of the user agreement, RosterBot reserves the right to do so. RosterBot also reserves the right to delete accounts, and to ban IP address without warning and without explanation. RosterBot assumes no liability for any harm, injury, damage, or loss suffered as a result of the deletion of your account or banning of your IP address, and by using RosterBot you agree to release RosterBot from any such liability. Should RosterBot need to use the assistance of a law enforcement agency to conduct an investigation into a breach of the user agreement, RosterBot reserves the right to disclose user information and data where lawful.

Here is the non-exhaustive list of prohibited actions, activities, and behaviours:

  •  You agree to not post or submit any harmful, crude, rude, repulsive,

obscene, or unlawful material, including but not limited to, harmful files,

defamatory content, libelous content, tortuous content, lies, pornography,

and hate speech;

  • You agree to not invade people’s privacy, and further agree to not post,

submit or upload other people’s personal information without their express


  • You agree to not post, submit, or upload anything to Rosterbot you lack

the authority to share, distribute, or use. This means no uploading of

copyrighted or trademarked material;

  • You agree to not spam Rosterbot users, to not post, submit, or upload

spam, and to not post, submit or upload junk mail;

  • You agree to not engage in commercial advertising on Rosterbot without

Rosterbot’s express permission or to engage in any other type of


  • You agree to not upload, submit, post, or link to any viruses, malware,

adware, spyware, or any other harmful file or website;

  • You agree to not misappropriate Rosterbot’s trademarks, copyrights,

name, or domain name;

  • You agree to not engage in any behaviour that could negatively affect the

experience of any user of Rosterbot (no trolls allowed);

  • You agree to not impersonate any person, team, place, or thing when

using Rosterbot. You must be yourself to use Rosterbot (unless you are a

parent, then you can be your kid). You also agree to not lie about your

association with anyone or anything;

  • You agree to not use Rosterbot to facilitate illegal activities;
  • You agree to not use Rosterbot as a means to gamble or bet;
  • You agree to not directly or indirectly interfere with the proper functioning

of Rosterbot and its services.

If you are aware of any violations of the code of conduct, or any other rules in the

User Agreement, please report them here:


You are absolutely, 100%, prohibited from hacking, cracking, or otherwise interfering, intruding, compromising, overloading, or modifying the network, servers, service, security or system of Rosterbot. Any violation of this rule will result in criminal and civil proceedings against you and the deletion of your account.

Stealing, removing, copying, misappropriating, or using user data without that user’s express permission is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in criminal and civil proceedings against you and the deletion of your account.


We tried our best to put the RosterBot User Agreement in plain language, but if you have any questions, or require any further information about the user agreement, feel free to contact us at


This Policy was last revised on June 21, 2016.